Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Which Brings Me to You: Addendum

I wanted to say more about the book when I did my original post, but I was having trouble pinpointing exactly what I wanted to say. Now that I've finished the book, here are my further insights.

One of the reasons why it was good, why it was a good reflection of modern love was the very beginning, and the way that went down. They're ready to go at it, and he says "Wait, I might like you." What feels true about that is that's how it goes sometimes...you date enough and eventually you get to the point where you're surprised if you actually feel like you click with somebody.

This book was about connection. Not too many people would write letters through the mail exchanging their intimate histories...and even though it was all fiction, it was fun to go through. It's nice to feel like the possibility of connection with someone else is out there, even if sometimes, it's just in a work of fiction.


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