Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this show. I always thought it was kind of boring, a bunch of pretty people that are all kind of alike singing poppy/discoey songs every week that will get stuck in your head for days. The only time I've ever watched it is this season, I started tuning in in the beginning when the episodes were made up the hunt for this year's contestants, and featured the good bad and the ugly from the various cities Simon, Paula and Randy visited. And you know what? These episodes are highly entertaining. the freaks comes out in full force and it is extremely funny to watch the judges faces as they belt out whatever normal song they've chosen in a completely abnormal way. And it's even cute to see the good singers make it through to Hollywood...they are all happy and cheery and teary when they get that yellow card and the occassional vote of confidence from Simon.

But on the other hand - this show is totally freaking annoying. Here are the reasons why:

1 - it's a bunch of pretty people singing poppy songs that we have to hear at weddings and the mall all the time - do I need to spend an hour hearing them every Tuesday and Wednesday?

2 - It's on three freaking times a week. No other show gets this much play - and seriously, as much as I love my TV shows, once a week is enough.

3 - American Idol is always moving and pushing other shows out of their timeslots to air! It shares a timeslot with House on Tuesdays (one of my favorite shows) and it's really annoying that House airs a new episode and then disappears for three weeks or a month because there's a slew of American Idol epsidoes. Did the TV networks ever used to do this? Every show should have it's own damn timeslot, and the networks shouldn't be able to move them all around for their convenience.

4 - Randy is really annoying. I get tired of him really quickly.

5 - It irritates me that the winners of this show (most of them) tend to disappear while the runners up are cutting albums right and left and winning freaking Academy awards. What's the point of even winning? Just making it to the top five can get you famous. But I suppose we have America to blame for that, since they are the ones voting.

Well anyway. I was bored at work and felt like going on a rant so there it is. I am sure that somebody is totally going to counteract this post with a "American Idol is the most popular show on television" type comment, but I don't care. As long as it keeps Hugh Laurie from me, I'm going to hate it. (Until next season's premiere when the bad guys sing again)

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