Monday, March 05, 2007

Notes from the Best Snowboarder in the World

I was lucky enough to get a second snowboarding trip in this year. This past weekend, Matt, Roy and I headed up to Killington, VT on Friday for a weekend on the slopes. Matt found us a hotel at the last minute and Roy got us up there in the good ol' truck. This is only the fourth time I've been snowboarding ever (2nd time going up on the lift) so I was looking forward to spending some time on the "beginner" hill, which you see here. I had a fall or two - the worst of which will be mentioned in the comments section, but all in all, my snowboarding abilities are improving. I improved my lift disembarking technique (i.e. getting off without falling or at least falling in a way that didn't require them to STOP the entire lift) and making it down the entire hill without falling. My control is getting better - I found myself recovering from slips and was able to keep going without falling. Sore as hell today after two days on the slopes, but by Sunday I was suprising myself with how many runs I felt like doing. Now - onto the funny comment summary!

"Wow. I've never actually seen someone fall getting ON the lift."

Matt: "What do you think is hindering you most in your snowboarding? Fear? Lack of control?"
Roy: "Her instructor...?" (meaning Matt)

"Tough up Charmin!"

"Jenn's job as a fireman would be to break down a door with an ax? She couldn't even carry her snowboard up the hill today!"

"Relax...we're having fun!" (Matt's impression of Roy)

"Why is the hotel welcome booklet in the shower?"

That's all I can think of right now! Thanks for a great weekend guys!


Anonymous Eric Carroll said...

Dammit, I wish I had been there. Honestly, our trips to Killington are some of my most memorable moments from my Post-College life! What FUN! Well, we have snow out here for a long time in the mountains, maybe you guys can head out this way for a trip sometime later in the season!

11:42 AM  

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