Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2nd Annual Killington New Year's Trip

Last Friday the crew and I departed New York, Boston and Philadelphia for a fun filled New Year's weekend in Killington. We did this snowboarding trip last year, and since it was so much fun, we decided to repeat it by heading up to Killington again. We got up there Friday night and had a great dinner at the Wobbly Barn. Luckily it began to snow early on Saturday, so we had some fresh powder to work with. Time to hit the slopes! So here's Drapo and I, who finally made it off the bunny hill! Whoo hoo! The other slope picture you see is the beginner trail we spent our time going down. I was really excited to graduate to the lift this weekend - my control was getting better, and by Sunday afternoon, I was able to work my way down the mountain and only fall a few times - a big improvement over falling eight or nine the day before. The other pics you see here are from New Year's eve - us playing poker and being silly and waiting for the ball to drop. the last picture is Pat - celebrating the fact that his health insurance kicked in at midnight - Jan 1 2007 - and he could be reckless about jumping around in the snow since once again, he was covered. Drapo and he both did some awesome snow slides down the embankment to celebrate the beginning of 2007.

As usual, the trip was filled with laughter and comments, so here is the usually summary of funny happenings and things said:

What the hell is an aluminum falcon???


Cockadoodledoo motherfucker!

I am the greatest snowboarder in the world. Say it. SAY IT!

Dude those moguls almost killed me. If my snowboard had an emergency brake on it, I would have pulled it.

I think that everybody here had some kind of a collision with a skier today.

This is my Roy Rogers collectible gun holster. They only made 12 billion of them.

Does his bathing suit really have two holes cut in the ass? Seriously????


Where are my slippers? Has anybody seen them? Anyone?

Michelle, it's your turn from trivial pursuit! Roll the dice! Michelle? ZZZZZZZZ

Hey, I have health insurance! Time to do a backflip!

Happy freaking New Year everybody. Now if only we could do this every weekend...


Anonymous Steve said...

Get me a turkey club....I am not going to eat it anyway....what...oh..cherry coke..

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