Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gripe of the Day: Idiotic Policies and Regulations

My cell phone drama continues. Now I ordered a new phone online from this website last week, and they finally shipped it out on Monday. Today's annoying company of the day award goes to Fedex. I called them to ask if they could just leave the package without a signature because I knew nobody would be home. They said the driver has to make at least one delivery attempt before they can do that, and then once he does, I can sign the slip and leave it on the door. So I got home last night, no slip. But I know an attempt was made since I've been tracking the package. Then today, same thing happens. By the time I track the package they've already attempted a second delivery. So I call and ask them to leave it and they say, "the company who shipped you this package requested a signature. So in order for us to be able to drop it off without a signature, you'll need to have that company calll us and say that the signature is not necessary." Does that even make sense? I'm the recipient, doesn't what I want count for anything? Apparently not. Morons.


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