Monday, March 12, 2007

Moving Weekend

So I finally moved into my new apartment last Friday, and I thought I'd blog a little bit about the new place and how it finally feels to have it. Movers came early Friday morning and took all my funiture and other stuff out of storage. That was liberating. I'd hated the day that I'd locked up all my apartment stuff in that 8x10 locker and then went back home to live with Mom and Dad. Not that being with them is bad - but it is truly difficult to go from living on your own to living with parents again. I used to feel like I'd locked independent Jenn up in that storage unit with the queen sized bed and all the boxes. But I digress. Another stop at the house to get the rest of my things, and then off to Forest Hills.

It was sunny and cold but I didn't feel either. It was really exciting to open up the door and see the apartment empty in the daytime - ready for my stuff. The movers were quick and efficient and by noon, the job was done. Dad and I celebrated with lunch on Austin Street, and by the time we were done, Mom had arrived in Forest Hills to help with some unpacking. Their help was invaluable - I got at least half the unpacking done that day - and was exhausted but happy by the time Kelly came over to see the place. She brought champagne and cool champagne glasses and we toasted to the new place and finally getting in there.

Saturday was another busy day. I had more help - Matt was good enough to come over and put together my kitchen table for me, and Karen came over to help me unpack and organize miscellaneous things. They both came with me to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I picked up a few necessities. Sunday was easier - with a quick trip to Home Depot I got the last of what I needed, and by five p.m. that day there were only two unpacked boxes in the apartment. I don't have a couch yet, but I do have a cool chair from Pier 1, my bed, and my new kitchen table and chairs. I have cable and have been happily watching Showtime movies (right now its free for 3 months!)

My new neighborhood feels like the city - lots of apartment buildings, challenging parking, but also lots of restaurants, ammenties, and diverse groups and aged people. I love that I can walk to the supermarket. I love that I can throw my trash down a chute and not worry about what day garbage day is. More than anything, I love that I am living alone again - and calling the shots on the little things, like what time dinner is, and whether or not I actually want to eat it at the table, or in front of the TV. It feels a little strange - living in Forest Hills and an apartment building will take a little getting used to (I've only lived in a house and an apartment in a 3 family house in Middle Village) but this morning as I walked out of my apartment I equated the strange feeling to the kind you get on vacation - you're in an unfamiliar place, maybe a little disoriented, but at the same time, it's all very very good.

I will try to take some pics of the new setup soon, but for now, just wanted to share the musings of being on my own again.


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