Monday, March 19, 2007

What I Wear

I find that there is a direct correlation between the kinds of clothes I like to wear (and don't like to wear) and the how the companies advertise their wares. For example - I am NOT a fan of uber designer stuff, $700 this, and $500 that. I was in the Burberry outlet once (the outlet! where everything is already marked down considerably!) and they had a Burberry umbrella that was like $80. I clearly remember telling Abbey that I'd rather fall face first into the sewer than pay that much money for an "elegant" or "trendy" umbrella. And look at the kinds of adds designer labels use:

That guy looks mean. And kind of dumb. And soulless. Ugh.

I tend to like the regular stuff, Old Navy, the Gap, New York & Company. Nothing to pricey, but perfectly nice just the same. And look at how the Gap advertises their stuff:

I love that stupid commercial. Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson look so cute together, and seriously, who wouldn't want to buy clothes that people look so happy in?

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Blogger Abbey said...

I do remember that exact moment too! I wish I had a camera! A perfect picture moment! LOL!

1:38 PM  

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