Monday, June 12, 2006

A Trip to the Spa

Saturday was Noelle's bachelorette party - in less than two weeks she is going to be a married lady. So to properly send her off - we had a great day on Saturday. The first part of it included a trip to the spa.

We chose the Juvenex Spa in NYC - mostly because it looked good n the website and it was the most affordable one we could find. There were five of us at the spa, and for those of you who have never been, here's what happens when you go to a spa:

They give you a robe, a towel and a little wraparound white thing that always feels like it's falling off. You get a key to a locker, and say good-bye to everything you are wearing. You get naked, and put on the robe or the wraparound thingy.

At this place, first you take a shower. They make it sound really fancy on the site - like "a rainforest shower" or some crap, but it's really just like being in a locker room in high school with your friends.

Then you go into the steam room. That's the igloo you see to your right. This is pretty cool - I'd be in in one like this before at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and loved it. It opens up your skin, you feel good in the heat and it's just enjoyable. They served us ice water on a try inside the igloo, and we stayed in there until we couldn't take the heat anymore.

Then you go into a small cool pool that's got about fifty lemons floating in it. Spas always have fruit everywhere. It's in the pitchers of water you drink, in the water you soak in, in the oils and scrubs they use. Everywhere. So we all got in one pool and of course were being silly and chucking the lemons at each other and making small splashes. Other women were elegantly sitting in other pools, talking about their New York lives and not throwing lemons. I enjoyed the fact that we were the least refined people in there.

Massage time! Diane and I were shown to the same room, and two masseuses gave us hour long full body massages. This is something I've done before and always enjoy. No matter what it costs, it's usually worth every penny.

Lastly, snack time. We're shown to a small bar and they serve us slices of pineapple and green melon. (What did I tell you? Fruit!" It's a nice way to relax before you have to put your clothes on and go back out into the world.

Noey, Diane, Emma, and Lavina - had a great time with you guys, hope we can do it again sometime!


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