Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Atlantic City Rollers Club

This weekend I took my love of gambling to a new level, when I learned how to play Craps. Matt, Pat, Michelle, Eric Alex and I went down to Atlantic City for Saturday night and Sunday day, and after arriving, checking in, walking down the boardwalk a bit, and eating a quick lunch, we soon got down to business - gambling. Matt had been reading up on Craps, they all started playing. Craps was never my game so I played a little blackjack first and didn't do so well. I came back to the Craps table to see how they were doing. "Play," Matt said. "I don't know how, I don't know what I'm doing." I replied. Matt dismissed this excuse with a wave of his hand. "Just do what we do," he said. "You'll learn as you go along." Good advice. I bought in for a hundred bucks and the fun began.

Thing is, there was winning streak going. Once I started playing, Pat and Michelle got in on it as well, and the six of us had once whole side of the table to ourselves. And what magic. When you're playing Craps, on the first roll, you ante up and then wait for a number to come out. If seven or eleven comes out on that first roll, you automatically win. And when the dice came around to us, we all rolled seven or eleven on our first three rolls. It was amazing. And even when there was a point on the table and we were betting on that, those rolls were coming out too. We couldn't stop cheering. There was such a great energy at the table, I was so happy Matt talked me into playing.

This went on for five and a half hours. By 9:30 p.m. we needed to eat - so we reluctantly abandoned the table and headed to the restaurant to eat. Everybody was up - way up, and at dinner we figured out how much everybody had won to see what the total take was. And you know what it was? Over $1700!

So we started calling oursleves "The Atlantic City Rollers" and as the weekend progressed, we were saying we've got to get jackets that say that on the back and have our gambling nicknames on the front - which are as follows:

Matt - "Mattrick"
Michelle - "Tiny"
Alex - "Dragon"
Eric - "E"
Pat - "Victim"
Jenn - "Rookie"

And of course, the funny comments that made the weekend great:

- It's official. I'm never going to Atlantic City with anybody but you guys ever again.

- Heat seeking missiles, Pat. Heat seeking missiles - bring em right here.

- Did he say "come and rest your balls with me?"

- I cannot believe that we took that casino for $1700 bucks.

We put in about ten hours at the Craps table on Saturday - 5 1/2 in the afternoon early evening, then evening into Sunday morning, until 4:30 a.m. But we also still managed to walk on the boardwalk, walk up the pier, have a nice breakfast together, and laugh it up. Thanks for a great weekend guys! And Matt, thanks for talking me into playing Craps!


Anonymous Eric Carroll said...

It was everything she said it was... AND MORE!

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