Friday, May 26, 2006

Igo Ugo

Hey, guys, Happy almost Memorial Day weekend. My latest scheme is trying to find a way to buy the really cool 30 GB Ipod with video playback without spending the full $300 bucks on it. So, I've come up with a new plan. I have written several travel journals for this site, and they give you points for every one you write, and for every registered member who reads them. Save up enough points and you can get yourself a gift certificate to, sports authory, etc. So I figure I'm gonna make a run for points and then get a couple of or something gift certificates and buy the thing for way cheap. Good plan, right?

So I need you guys to do some clicking. go to - sign up. They will not bombard you with emails, I promise. is probably the least annoying site I've ever signed up for - no spam. Then do a search for Jenn126. On the right side you'll see my picture, and click on read journals. Make sure you're signed up before you do! That way I'll get the points. Then if you want, you can write your own journals and earn points. Or you can just read about places - some of the journals are really helpful. anyway, have a great weekend everybody!