Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Occassional Cool Billboard

For the most part, I find advertisements annoying and stupid - especially billboards and posters in the subway. But every now and then you see one that is clever, or strikes a chord in you personally...and I saw one yesterday that made me smile and say, "Yup." It was for an airline, and it said "Because saying 'I picked this up when I was in Europe' never gets tired." For me this is true - I love picking up stuff on my travels, especially in Europe - so here I'm going to list some of my favorite things that I've picked up on my travels:

Barcelona - my black lace Spanish shawl

Florence - my black Italian leather jacket

Reykjavik - my gray Icelandic woolen shawl

Copenhagen - my green amber pendant necklace

Austria - my crystal cross necklace

Germany - German ice wine

Vatican City - rosary beads made of rose petals

Cool huh?