Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For my writer friends

I recently read a book called "The Odd Woman" by this author, Gail Godwin, and I enjoyed it so naturally I went looking to see what else she had written. I was delighted to discover that this book, The Making of a Writer: Journals 1961-1963 was available. When Gail Godwin was 24, she went abroad and lived for a couple of years in Copenhagen, London and a few other places and devoted herself to writing. For me, as both a journalist and hopeful author, this book really speaks to me - it contains a lot of the questionning and uncertaintity that comes with writing - but also a lot of the drive and passion necessary to get the job done. Besides the writing - it's quite amusing to read about her romantic exploits - I can hardly believe how much her journal entries sound like my own sometimes.


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Anonymous drapo said...

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Yeah! These bastards. Thanks for sticking up for me Drapo...I think... :-)

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