Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two Strangers and a Wedding

While the rest of your are all listening to Howard on your brand spanking new Sirius radios, in the mornings I'm listening to my favorite a.m. show - Scott and Todd and PLJ - 95.5. Yesterday they had an interesting thing - two strangers and a wedding. They got two strangers who were looking for love, planned a wedding, invited all their friends and family, and then had these two get married - without ever having met. The first time bride and groom saw each other was when she walked down the aisle. (You can see pics on plj's website at

Normally I hate this kind of reality TV (or in this case, radio) - marrying a stranger you don't know kind of crap - but this one sort of intrigued me - because this station isn't usually into stunts that are stupid - they do go for the laughs, but mostly try to keep things real.

So I'm wondering - what do you all think of this? Can two strangers that get married as part of a publicity stunt find real happiness?


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