Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Thank God for three day weekends. I spent my President's Day weekend visiting Beth in Allentown, and as usual had a great time. Here is a brief summary of everything we did from Saturday to Monday:

Quick stop at the Good-Buy Girls - our favorite consignment store where we always manage to find clothes (almost new and vintage) for super great deals. I get a sexy top and some charcoal courderoy pants for $20. Score!

Drive over to Bethlehem to Tortilla Flats where we meet Ingrid for dinner (she's home visiting her parents). The three girls haven't been together since December of 2004, so we're having fun catching up. And we get sung to by the mariachi singer a couple of times. And we drink yummy margaritas!

We bid Ingrid good-bye and head towards Emmaus to pick up Beth's friend Amy. Then we head to Seiholtzville (try and say that three times fast) to see some bluegrass music in a local firehouse. Sidenote - Beth was trying to find out what time this show started, and called a number she found on an old web site. A woman answered and it turns out it was a wrong number, but she was the fire chief's brother, so she said she thought there might be music. So then the woman actually called Beth back twice, and left her messages about what time the show was. HA!

At the Bluegrass show - almost everyone is over sixty. Beth makes friends with a three year old named Marshall at intermission - he looks like a very little version of Ron Weasley. Cute! And when the band goes back on, a little blond boy named Trent (who's grandpa is in the band) plays his own little red guitar (or Milli Vanilli's it at least) and sings along to the songs he knows, right up on stage. Awesome!

After the show, we go to a local bar called the summit for a drink. There's a band playing there that's almost too weird to describe. But they had a drunken member (or groupie) whose soul purpose seemd to be playing a train whistle at the end of songs. And the lead singer had a white shoelace tied around his head. And a white shirt with bears. And a big fringy belt. And Amy said there were too many things wrong with him to even comment. When we've had enough, we drop off Amy and head home for the night.

Beth and I head out for bagels and go to the mall. We shop, get Beth some new outfits and me some new jewelry. Then to a crafty store where they sell this homemade shower scrub that we like. Yay!

Back to Beth's, where we chill out for a bit and start watching Muppet Show episodes. Beth's new boy Sean comes over and watches with us. Manamana!

Out to dinner to one of those chainy restaurants - Red Robin. It's Sunday and there's not much open and we're trying to make a movie.

The movie is Eight Below - about the sled dogs. It's actually good and interesting and sad and touching. I enjoyed it.

Home again, and to bed again.

Monday - breakfast in the house and getting a late start because we were lazy. Then to the craft store - Sean buys some frames to fram the SI covers of the Super Bowl victory for the Steelers for friends of his. A pit stop to look at puppies.

Then at my request we hit the ski shop, and there's a pretty good sale so I buy a snowboard and boots and bindings!


So there you have it folks. That's basically what I do when I go to Allentown. Thanks as always for a fun time Beth!