Friday, January 27, 2006

A Million Little Pieces (pt 4) (The last one, I swear)

So Oprah took back her defense of James Frey. Sigh. This whole thing has made me really sad - sad for the author, sad for the publishing world - and the fact that it's so concerned with finding the next bestseller that crap like this happens. So my final thoughts on the matter are this:

1- I still like James Frey and I still feel that he has accomplished a great deal with his recovery. It was not okay to completely embellish large parts of the story - but I can't say I blame him for taking the opportunity to get published when it came along.
2- This is still largely the publisher's fault. Again, they acquired this manuscript, edited it, published it, and marketed it as they chose. They could have done a lot of things differently here.
3- Stupid people like the ones in Seattle that I heard about yesterday - who are suing the publisher over "Lost time" spent reading the book, need to get a fucking life. Stop making our already complicated and over selfish world even worse with your trivial lawsuit. This is not the first or the last time that you will be lied to. It happens. Get over it.


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