Friday, December 16, 2005

Talk About Getting Shafted

Okay so on the Apprentice final last night, Randal got hired. This was no suprise to me (or the rest of America) and he certainly deserved to get the job. However - at the end of things - old Trump says to Randal, "Do you think Rebecca deserves to work for me as well?" And with that moment, there's a management job at the Trump corporation being dangled in front of the coolest calmest 23 year old woman I've ever seen. She's not perfect, but she's damn cool under pressure. and Randal says that he thinks there should be only one Appentice, just one - and in that moment, Rebecca's back to being the loser - her opportunity for a job with Trump gone. Just like that. Donald says, "Okay, I'll leave it at that." Wow. I was with Donald on picking Randal - but it was damn cold of both of them to almost hire Rebecca, and then not. Crikey.