Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Really Annoying Christmas Commercials

I am very into Christmas and everything that comes with it. Well, most everything. Some of the holiday shopping commercials that they air during the holidays are just so stupid and annoying. Now I'm not saying I'm against the commercialism of the holiday - I admit, I like my gifts just as much as the next person - and I really do love buying stuff for everyone else. But some commercials just get under my skin. So to the corporations that made the following commercials, please stop:

LEXUS: The spouse is looking in a jewelry store or online for a gift. Sad plinky music plays...awww, he/she can't find anything for the love of their life. "Wait a minute! There's a Lexus parked outside with a red bow on top - WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I'll just take the $38,000 I had sitting around and buy a Lexus for my wife/husband. Whew. Glad I'm done Christmas shopping now. Now I'll have time to go hom and help the kids apply for college scholarships since I just spent all that money on a fancy car." Seriously, these commercials are so stupid. Normal people can't run around surprising their loved ones with Lexuses. And somehow I doubt that people that can afford to are sitting around and watching House or Lost or whatever I'm watching when these commercials air.

MACY'S: I watched about an hour of the Today Show last weekend - don't ask me why. And everytime there was a commercial break, Macy's would show three or four commercials in a row, with a piano Christmas song, and people bouncing around in white and red sweaters with presents from Macy's. Playing a commercial three or four times in a row (I don't care if the gifts are different each time) every time there is a commercial break is horribly annoying. It makes me never want to go to Macy's ever ever again. Take that.


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