Thursday, November 10, 2005

Deconstructing "Lost"

Along with many others, I have become obsessed with "Lost" , Wednesday, 9 p.m. EST on ABC. This show, now in its second season, is very good at starting storylines and then drawing them out for a long long time. So in thinking about the show, and all the mysteries still unsolved, here's a list of things that we still need to learn on "Lost". If you're not completely caught up - maybe you shouldn't read it:

P.S. - All terminology is taken from the fine recaps over at (Don't sue me).

1. What is Lostzilla? (The monster that the Lostaways kept seeing in season 1)

2. Why are there polar bears on a tropical island?

3. How can Locke walk again?

4. Is Walt somehow controlling happenings on the island?

5. Why did the Others take Walt?

6. Is Jack's father really dead?

7. What purpose is the hatch serving?

8. What mysterious illness wiped out Rousseau's group?

9. What happened to Rousseau's baby?

10. What is the Dharma Initiative?

11. What's the deal with the guy who owns it?

12. Is Claire's baby cursed?

13. Are Hurley's lotto numbers really cursed?

14. Who are the Others?

15. How did they get to the island?

16. Is Shannon dead?

17. Is Sawyer?

18. Is that other woman who disappeared in last night's episode?

19. Why is Ana Lucia such a bitch?

20. Is this island real?

21. Why is there a pirate ship marrooned on the island?

22. Where did Desmond go?

23. What did his hatch partner die of?

24. What happens if you don't input the numbers and hit "execute"?

25. Will Jack and Kate ever get it on?

26. Will Charlie and Claire?

27. Will Hurley lose all the weight eating fish

I'm sure we'll have all of the answers to these very pressing questions somewhere in season ten. Happy viewing everybody!


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