Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another Blast from the Past

I've been catching a lot of movies on TV and HBO lately that I remember well. This week it was "The Neverending Story" - which some of you have already guessed from the photo on the right. FALCOR! I had forgotten about fifty percent of the places Atreyu ends up - and still thought it was creepy that Bastian stayed up in that school attic all night during a thunderstorm. And - I actually managed to find out the name that he screams out at the end - the empresses' new name! It was Moonchild! Weird.


Anonymous Drapo said...

HA! Only losers watched that on Monday night on HBO Family. 8:30ish. Watched "The Nothing" swallow Fantasia. Cheered at the end when Bastian flew Falcor straight for the bullies.

Oh wait, I watched it too; nevermind!

3:49 PM  

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