Monday, October 24, 2005

What Should I Be Reading?

I was in the bookstore on Saturday, roaming around, looking for my next read. I very much enjoy the table of new paperbacks and summer reading that they often have out in Barnes & Noble - but I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and plunge into the huge fiction section either. But of course - it can be difficult to find something you're going to enjoy in such a large haystack. So today, my question to you is: What should I be reading?

I recently asked Karen to loan me a Valerie Martin book based on the New Orleans quote that she sent me back around the hurricane from one of her novels. So I'll be trying that - but if anybody else has suggestions of authors that I haven't gotten to yet - let me know!

Kim, you'll be happy to know that I ended up purchasing the O'Henry Prize Stories Anthology from 2003 - the 2005 version was where I found "A Brief History of the Dead".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, assuming that we are only considering fiction, I would say that if you have only read The Moviegoer once, a second reading would be a great place to start. Otherwise I would consider, in no particular order, Oracle Night (Paul Auster), Wise Blood [novel] and Everything That Rises Must Converge [stories] (Flannery O'Connor), The Sportswriter (Richard Ford), The Immoralist (Andre Gide), Charming Billy (Alice McDermott), The Stranger (Albert Camus). I think my next trip into fiction (maybe after I reread The Moviegoer) will go to Jane Austen and the Brontes, sorely neglected by me up to now.

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