Friday, October 07, 2005

The Next Big Thing

So now terrorists are thinking of bombing the New York City subways. Quick, where's the Jaws music? Just when you thought it was safe to commute to your job - DUH DUH DUHN! It's Al Queda!

Listen you fuckers. We don't have time for this shit. We're in debt up to our ears from these hurricanes and we're still depressed about it. Enough Americans have died this year - please stop trying to make it more. I understand that we are being the big swinging jock on campus and you are annoyed about it. You know what? The ordinary Americans - the ones who are riding the subway - most of them are annoyed about that too. So please don't blow us up. We don't technically deserve it.

Seriously, its time to find another hobby. Blowing people up - and yourself in the process - is just counterproductive.


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