Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Holy crap

So Mandy and I rented a car when we were in Iceland because frankly, there really aren't too many public transportation options, and the Blue Lagoon is in the middle of nowhere. So groovy. We get a Nissan something-or-other. The car only had a half a tank of gas when they gave it to us since it had just come back and they didn't have time to fill it up. So I figured we'd better just top it off since the Blue Lagoon is forty minutes from Reykjavik - and I figured I had to leave room for getting lost - shrug.

I just looked at my credit card statement this morning and discovered that a half a tank of gas in Iceland cost me $60.00! Whoa! And I thought $3.25 a gallon was bad in Queens.

We had better start seriously analyzing old episodes of Star Trek to see if teleportation is really possible.


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