Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Celebrities suck

Okay guys! I'm back from my vacation so the blogs begin again. Now I'll be posting stuff about my vacation complete with some picks - but first I just had to say - celebrities suck.

I read somewhere that when they were making that stupid movie "Guess Who" with Bernie Mac & Ashton Kutcher (I saw it on the plane - I had no choice but to watch it!) - that the movie people had to digitally remove Ashton's red Kaballah bracelet from every single scene he shot, at the cost of $100,000.

Ashton? Get over yourself. The rest of us all have to dress appropriately for our jobs. I would like to wear sneakers every day to my office - but it is just not acceptable for me to do so. And I would think that since you are getting paid way more money to do your job than I am - that you can do without your little red yarn bracelet while you are filming. Trust me - God will understand.

I knew I hated Ashton Kutcher.