Thursday, August 18, 2005

You want fries with that?

Weird night last night. I met my friend Kelly and her friend Rebekah in the Village. Kelly was on the hunt for a framed photograph - you know those panoramic photos of cityscapes? she was going to buy one of the Vegas strip for this friend of hers who just got engaged, cause they met in Vegas. So we're on Bleecker where all the gallery stores are - only for some reason, three different galleries have closed and gone away. okay...

The other half of the night's mission was that Kelly wanted to go to this bar called Down the Hatch. It's a tiny hole in the wall that's sort of in the basement of one of the buildings on West 4th street. It's a collegey type hangout, loud and not very pretty - but they have great buffalo wings which was the entire reason for going there. So the three girls go in, and luckily we snag a small table - cause we're about to order a few baskets of food. Of course, as soon as we do, two beer smelling scruffy guys approach our table.

One starts talking me up. "Where are you from?" I begin with the one word answers. "Queens". "Oh yeah? Where do you work?" "Madison Avenue." "That's a big street." "yes," I say. "It is." He asks me if I have a boyfriend, and I say yes, the standard answer for whenever anyone horrible is trying to pick you up. Funnily enough, it ended up being his friend that was the annoying one. He sat himself down at our table even though we didn't really want either of them there and he hadn't been invited. Kelly gives me a look but says nothing. Then the food comes. Buffalo wings, big waffle fries and mozzarella sticks. The three girls start eating.

Sal - the guy that was trying to pick me up is yakking my ear off - asking me whether or not he should marry his girlfriend. Because he was yapping so much - it took me a little while to realize that his friend was sitting at the table, who had yet to say a word to any of us - EATING OUR FRIES. He just sat there, shoveling one after another into his mouth! I looked at Kelly who was caught somewhere between laughing and being completely fucking pissed off. She finally says - "You know, if you want some fries, you can go right over there and order your own," the guy takes offense, and after cursing at Kelly - he throws his beer bottle into the fries, and they both leave the table. The nerve! I mean, its one thing if these guys are talking to us and we offer them some fries. Kelly said later "I know sometimes you're in a restaurant, and you see a plate of food at another table and you say - 'oh, that looks good,'. But you don't cross the room and just start eating off it!"

Oh, the bar scene. Everyone always seems to think its so fun. Why is that again?

To make up for the bullshit we went to Nova Ice and bought ourselves silver necklaces and then to Cones for ice cream. Another fabulous night in the Village.