Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend in Boston

I spent some time being a Bostonian this weekend - and felt really lucky to be up there on a weekend when it was fall enough that all of the leaves were turning colors and falling, but warm enough that I could spend lots of time outside, walking around Harvard Yard and down by the Charles River without freezing to death.

The funny thing about Boston is that being there makes me want to be a student again. This is partially due to it housing Emerson College, which happens to have a fantastic MFA program for Creative Writing - but there's also just something about being around Harvard, deep in Cambridge when its fall - it does seem like the the perfect place to be studying and learning and researching. And the coffee shops, bookstores and general appeal of the city only adds to the feeling.

Besides Harvard I wandered around Boston Common a bit, and got to do brunch near Newbury Street. Thanks again to Drapo, Chris and Seth for putting me up, and to Drapo for trailing me around Boston. Spending time in New England in the fall is always totally worth it.