Friday, December 02, 2005

School Wasn't All Bad

I've got school on the brain these days, and I'm just thinking about what some of the fun things I did in classes while I was there. It was these kinds of days that made the rest bearable, so I thought I'd do a top ten of the most fun things I ever did while I was in high school or college. Here goes:

10. Spent a semester arguing one thing. I took Philosophy 101 in college, and all we had to do all semester was try to argue for the existance of God. Our teacher spent the semester rebutting everything we came up with, but it was fun, interesting and challenging. Plus - the final exam was a take home essay. Sweet.

9. Kept a dream journal for a month for a psychology project. I actually wrote down my dreams every morning and analzyed them, and it was pretty darn interesting. Try it if you don't believe me.

8. Watched "The Stand". Junior year of high school. I was taking some class that was a mix of juniors and seniors, and since the seniors were graduating, they finished school about a month before we did. So May came and we'd already taken our final exam, but we still had a month to kill in class. So we watched "The Stand" a little every day until the end of the semester.

7. Took bowling as one of my gyms. That's right. Why fuck around with lacross or track or something when you can drive on over to the bowling alley at nine am on Wednesdays and bowl away?

6. Taking golf as the other gym. Armed with over fifteen years of teaching from Dad, this class was a breeze, and my golf swing got better. Awesome!

5. Watched "Midnight Cowboy". We watched this film in some honors English class that I was taking. I can't remember why. But who ever thought you'd hear the name Ratso Rizzo while you were in school?

4. Went to the Hall of Science for a school project. Intro to Media class required that we visit a museum or something - and the Hall of Science (you Queens folk will know exactly the place I'm talking about) was on the list of acceptable venues. So Bobby and I ditched some other class and spent the afternoon there once. We made bubbles with huge metal rings! Walked into a room that makes you look smaller as you move to the other side! Cool!

3. Watched "Deliverance". Again - things you never thought you'd hear in school: "Come on, squeal like a pig! Squeal!"

2. Took a human sexuality class where the teacher was a sex therapist. This wasn't your average "Now this is a diagram of the vas deferens" sex ed class. Our syllabus rocked. There was a class on orgasms, a class on tantric sex, a class on arousal. It was well worth the time in amusement alone. A wisely spent elective!

1. Took a film and literature class. This was my favorite class that I ever took in college. Read the book/story, watch the movie. I loved how for our papers we had to watch movies and talk about why props and light are used in certain ways in the movies - it was so interesting. And I love doing it now - looking at why they film things the way they do. Cool freaking class.