Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All Zach Braff's hard work, undone so quickly...

This is hilarious:

Get a Load of This! New Jersey Seeks New Slogan
Residents, Columnists, Comedians, Talk-Show Hosts Offer Suggestions
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (Nov. 14) - Make us a slogan we can't refuse, the state of New Jersey said. We got your slogan right here, the people replied.

People have submitted serious -- and not-so-serious -- suggestions for a New Jersey state slogan.

A push to come up with a new slogan for the Garden State has become an excuse to crack New Jersey jokes. Among the not so-serious entries:

"New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?"

"NJ: How You Doin'?!"

And "Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted."

The search yielded nearly 6,200 possibilities in all, many of them attempts to sum up the land of Bruce Springsteen, "The Sopranos" and smelly interstates in one pithy phrase. The deadline for submissions was Monday.

Well on this blog, the deadline hasn't passed. Anybody that's got another suggestion - feel free to post it in the comments section! Let's have some fun!

(Brian, don't beat me up for making fun of your state) ;-)