Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 9th Annual Christmas Shopping Trip

By this time many of you are familiar with the Christmas shopping trip that Kel and I take every year. For 2008 - we left on December 10th - headed for Woodbury Commons for the 9th annual trip. I can't believe we've been doing this trip for almost a decade. But we love it!

Pictured here is Kel, in Coach - buying bags for pretty much everyone she knows. They had such good deals in Coach that we both bought numerous things in there - though Kel gets the medal for most bags ever purchased in Coach at a single time. In some stores, the deals were pretty decent - in others - not so much. But despite the face that it rained both days, and was much colder on Thursday - we were troopers, shopped for a total of 17 hours over both days, and got 95% of our shopping done.

The funny quotes from the trip are:

"I'm going to make it stop raining by willing it to stop. The Secret says I can" then - "See? I told you it would be done by the time we finished lunch."

"We cannot go back to the car after every single store."


"We can't listen to Christmas music because the CDs are buried under the packages."

"I'm not leaving here without my mother's fucking gloves."

"$2.00 a box? Fuck you!"

That's all I can remember right now. Good trip though!

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