Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've been meaning to do this entry for awhile, but as usual, things have been busy. As some of you know, our offices recently moved from East-Nothing to the downtown financial district of Manhattan. A few things have changed - for one, we are no longer ALM but are now Incisive Media. So our new offices are located at 120 Broadway, in the historical Equitable Building. We are across the street from Trinity Church, whose graveyard holds the grave of Alexander Hamilton. We are a couple of blocks from the the New York Stock Exchange, and the Federal building where George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States. Pretty cool, right?

We can also see the WTC site from one of our conference rooms. It still just looks like a construction site, but I think it will be interesting to watch the building when they start on whatever memorial will be there and the Freedom Tower - if that's still the plan. I think they keep changing it.

Anyway - that's the latest from this side of the city.

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