Monday, June 16, 2008

Costa Rica Highlights

Hello blog readers! When I logged into blogger I saw that the last time I did a new post was December 10, 2007. I will ask you to forgive me for staying away so long. I sort of meant to blog about New Year's in January but I got really sick for the whole month (courtesy of Tavern on the Green - see Brian's blog at for full details) and just never got back to it. But I am trying to remedy that, so now I'm doing a recap of our recent trip to Costa Rica.

This was an exciting trip for many reasons - it consisted of myself, Roy, Matt, Kim, Ryan, Drapo and Vanessa. Everybody was anxious to get away and relax in the sun for a week. And basically, that's all we did. We swam, we played a ton of pool volleyball, we ate some good food, we drank Miami Vices, and we went ziplining in the rainforest.

Oh and Kim and Ryan got engaged! If any of you still did not know that...

Anyway, without further adieu, here are the funny comments from the trip:

"No more Kylie Minogue! Don't they have another CD?"

"Say cheese! - Cheese-y hat!"

"It's my turn on the crocodile!"

"Oh no, tu grande!"

"Why can't you ever find the waiter when you want to order something gay and delicious?"

"Angry kid is very angry."

"They won't be able to have water aerobics this morning. Vanessa isn't here."

"Do you think they were REALLY missionaries?"

"Where's Wilbur? We need him to deal!"



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Welcome back, Kotter.

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