Thursday, November 29, 2007

The 8th Annual Christmas Shopping Trip

Yesterday Kelly and I took part in our great holiday tradition - the annual Christmas shopping trip. This year, it was tough to pull off. Here were the factors that almost stopped us from going at all:

*the fact that I changed jobs this year and had some complications with vacation time & asking for it off
*the fact that Kelly's job told her she couldn't take any more of her vacation days until after the holidays
*the fact that Kelly's family is away and she needs to be in town to keep an eye on her brother this week
*the fact that I'm turning thirty(!)and have dinners/weekends planned around this momentous event
*the fact that both Kelly and I seem to be busier than ever and couldn't even find a weekend that we could go!

But in the end, we determined we could take one day, and made it yesterday. We hauled up to the outlets and were determined to get as much shopping done as we could in a single day. And I have to say, we were troopers. We shopped from 11:30 a.m. until the stores closed at nine, with about an hour break for meals.

So here are some of the funny quotes from the day:

"I'm incorporating brown."

"14 day return policy? Fuck you!"

"There's nothing for James at Woodbury Commons."

"One coupon expires on 11/27 and the next one starts on the 29th? What about today? Fuck you!"

"Monkeys and cars and lions and giraffes and trees in Banana. Whoo hoo!"

"hot dog for the road?" (Again)

"Where's Jane? We need to know a price!"

I'm sure there's more, but I'm kinda burnt from shopping. Merry freaking Christmas.



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