Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ah, baseball

Having Eric back in town for a couple of weeks is a great thing...not only because we're happy to see him but because it gets us off our asses to do fun things that we sort of mean to do, but don't always get around to. So last night we made it to the ballgame, NY Mets vs. San Diego Padres. What we witnessed was the equivalent of a bunch of five-year olds playing wiffle ball - the Mets did more stupid things last night than I've seen on a ballfield in a long time. But all the craziness did make for an entertaining game...especially the near rally at the end, when the Mets almost (what else is new) pulled it out.

But Jose Reyes set a new franchise record for stolen bases. Texas beat Baltimore (in their very own Camden Yards) by a whopping 27 runs, 30-3. We laughed when we realized they were playing a double header and Baltimore had to start all over again...

Anyway, so here's a picture of me and Matt way up in the stands...let's do another ballgame soon!

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