Friday, May 18, 2007

Short Story submitting

Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted...I was in Canada for a few days at a conference, which I may or may not post about. We'll see. But now that I'm back I am going to try to submit my latest short story to a few literary journals because they are just about to wrap up their reading for the summer. Most literary journals read manuscripts through the school year but not in the summer months, so if I don't get a few submissions in the mail by May 31, I'll have to wait until September. So I've been working on a story about gambling addiction with my writing group and it felt really solid to me after the last draft, so I'm researching a couple of places to send it to. I sent it to AGNI magazine (Boston University) today, and hopefully I'll send it to a few others in the next couple of days. I'll keep you posted on what the responses'll be interesting to see if I get any personalized letters or form rejections or wonder of wonders - an acceptance letter. Stay tuned!

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