Monday, April 30, 2007

The Housewarming Party

Well, as many of you know I hosted a housewarming party this weekend to show off the new place. Sorry if you weren't invited, but if you weren't, then you probably don't live in the state. Or I haven't seen you in forever. WHY DON'T WE TALK ANYMORE? Just kidding. But anyway, for those of you that were there, thank you for coming, to those who came bearing gifts, extra special thank yous. You may also get some special thank you cards with Van Gogh scenery. You are welcomg for that. :-)

But anyway, the housewarming party was a great success, lots of people came, and I really enjoyed seeing you all. And since it's what you're all waiting for, let's get to the highlights, since there are plenty of them. Away we go!

-Thanks to Matt and Drapo for picking up ice after I specifically told them that I would pick up ice, and forgot to thirty seconds later.

-Thanks to Ryan for bringing a case of normal beer since one of the ones Drapo and I picked up was non-alcholic. We didn't do it on purpose! But it's this other guy's fault, we saw him buy about fifteen cases of Coors Light before we got there. there was none left for us. WE SWEAR!

-Thanks to Matt for leaving four bottles of beer in the freezer. They froze overnight and shattered into weird ice and glass sculptures. It looked like the Fortress of Solitude in there. But beer flavored. Three of those bottles broke and I did some major freezer surgery the next day to get all the glass out. The last one didn't break, but Drapo isolated it in the sink where it hissed and made other weird noises while it melted. Thanks to that beer for not exploding in my kitchen. And thanks to Drapo for leading me away from the refrigerator when I first discovered the mess. I really did need another two hours before I could deal with that. :-)

-Thanks to Kelly for bringing tarot cards to the party and giving Drapo two readings. We found out quite a bit of stuff- apparently he's going to the hospital soon, (but not for himself) his luck is turning around soon, and he might be turning gay. I wonder if that's all happening on the same night?

-Thanks to Matt for providing the biggest "I can't believe he did that" moment of the evening, but completely not remembering who Melissa (Melly Mel!) was and introducing himself to her.

-Thanks to Ken's friend Aaron for giving me the best boob compliment I've had in months.

-Thanks to Pat for saying on the funniest lines of the night. We were talking about Kim and how fast she got good at poker, and Pat said, "Yeah but you guys always get so mad when you lose. It's REALLY annoying. HA.

-Thanks to Onnik for unsuccessfully trying to buzz Kelly back into the building five times. It was really fun to go down to the lobby with no shoes on and let her in.

-Thanks to everybody for eating all of the vegetables and cheese and crackers I put out. It was awesome not to have a bunch of stuff left over. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with a dozen non-alcholic beers....

Anyway, if I've forgotten any funny moments, feel free to post them in the comments section. :-)


Anonymous Eric Carroll said...

I'm just jealous I wasn't there! Sound like early July is the GLAAD Sponsored trip... So we'll see about getting me out sooner as well!

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Drapo said...

You forgot about the drunk guy next to us at Mardi Gras (and the Hurricanes you gulped, leading you to tell Michelle, "I had drinks with my friend Drapo" as if she didn't know me).

Also, The Dark Crystal, gelfling!

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Mondeaux said...

super duper party

5:55 PM  

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