Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Unasked Questions of "Lost"

Television week continues here on the blog, and since it's Wednesday, its time to comment on Lost. This show is a source of strife for many of its loyal viewers. There's tons of interesting stuff going on on the show but the lack of plot movement is sometimes glacial. The writers are so busy dragging out storylines that they sometimes forget that they started them in the first place. Now I know this is a prime time cash cow and they are trying to stretch it for as many seasons as possible, but when this starts to interfere with the believability of the plot and dialogue, then I have a problem with it. So:

Dear Lost writers:

Please acknowledge the fact that if a bunch of people crashed on a tropical island and eventually discovered that there were a bunch of OTHER people living on that island, who frequently kidnap, torture and belittle your fellow survivors, they will ask fucking questions. They will want to know exactly why you are on the island. they will want to know why the island does the things it does. Now I know answering all those questions would clue us in too much, but couldn't the Lostaways at least ask the questions and the Others not answer them? To me, that would at least make sense.

My favorite example of this kind of ridiculousness happened last week (SPOILER ALERT) when someone was asking Sayid what he thought Naomi meant when she said they found the wreckage of flight 815 with all bodies on board. Which would pretty much mean that all those on the island are dead. And Sayid says, "One thing at a time.", meaning, let me fix this satellite phone and get us off the island first. Uh, Sayid? If you're dead, it's not going to help you off the island. If someone were telling me they found my dead body somewhere I'd be hella interested in finding out more.



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