Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Guy Should Be Taken Outside and Shot

According to the above article, this judge is suing his dry cleaners for 65 million dollars to cover a pair of lost pants (which aren't really lost) and a bunch of other whiny bullshit. It's no wonder that the system is so fouled up, with jerks like this taking up a court's time. My favorite part is how the guy thinks he's entitled to money to cover a rental car to drive to another godamn dry cleaners. Petty as it seems, I would even understand if he wanted to sue over the $1000 for the cost of the suit, but even that doesn't fly since apparently these people offered him a settlement. And seriously, if this guy can afford all these thousand dollar suits, he doesn't need 65 million, or money to rent a car to drive to the godamn dry cleaners. And this guy is a judge, so you'd think he'd know better. I'm usually not one to be judgemental and finger-pointy, but I'd be all right with it if this guy lost his job. Jerk.



Anonymous Drapo said...

I like how the only label, according to blogspot, for this post is "jerks".

I hope that dry cleaner loses his shirt in that suit (HAHA, get it??!!!). Christ, I'm funny....

3:37 PM  

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