Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I've been meaning to do a post about last weekend for days now...but it's been a helluva week. God what I loser I am. But anyway, we went down to Atlantic City (where else?) and had a great freaking time. What was nice about this weekend was we had three days to fill with Atlantic City activity. Normally if we go down for one night all we really find time for is dinner and gambling. But this time, we squeezed in the new upscale Pier mall, walks on the boardwalk, a half a day at the beach, relaxing in the jacuzzi, massages, a tarot card reading, a walk on the Steel Pier and of course, dinner and gambling. Gambling was pretty crazy this weekend, I was way down but then took quite a bit of it back. In the interest of keeping this post fun, I'll get right to the funny comments:

This coffee is really good. Everything is good at the Borgata, Jenn. EVERYTHING.

Hey, I'm winning! I'm going to up my bet. (Pat puts an extra chip out on the Texas Hold Em bonus ante.) No I'm not. I'm a pussy. (And grabs the chip back).

Hello. We have come a great distance seeking Spice Road....

Silencio! Cut the malarkey!

Damn, you're chasing those rivers like a fucking kamikaze pilot.

You know the rules are the same for every hand, right?

Wait, you let a man rub your butt?

This town ain't bit enough for the two of us! And Pat signing "I got spurs..."

That soup looks very...beefy.

I bring nothing to the table. Meaning, I contribute...nothing.

Last funny moment, Michelle almost getting herself a job at Scandals from the dressing room in Guess! It was my fault for bringing the wrong (oh so wrong) top.



Anonymous Drapo said...

I have many questions on many of these funny comments. Can't wait for the two week roadtrip!

9:17 PM  

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