Monday, June 26, 2006

Noelle's Wedding

As many of you know, this past Friday my dear friend Noelle got married to her fiance Chris, and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. Friday was a busy but a fun day. The girls and I were at the salon early in the morning, manicures, pedicures and up-dos for the hair. Back at Noelle's we ate sandwiches and killed time until the make-up lady showed up, then sat one by one as she brushed us with powder and glosses. Chris was calling Noelle and trying to get her to go to the bank for money to pay the DJ - she adamantly refused, as she was legitimately busy, and had her hair already in the veil. We thought it would be pretty funny if she wandered into the bank like that though. We also thought it was pretty funny when she was trying to get Chris to go and pick up Sarah's missing shawl and said "We're in crisis here!"

Needless to say, we got our ducks in a row and got dressed. A bunch of pictures in the living room and on the front walk. A cute one of Noelle's flower girl Maria holding up her train. Soon, into the limos in our lilac beaded gowns, carrying round bouquets of pink and purple flowers. So pretty. In the vestibule we giggled for the last moments together before lining up to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was really nice. Chris was choking up as he said his vows and that was sweet. He and Noelle make a cute couple, and I think that everyone was happy to see them tie the knot after dating for seven years.

Off to Chateau Briand for the party. The bridal party got our own private cocktail hour in a room where we also took pictures, and we got to chill out in the bridal suite and relax a bit before the reception, and have an attendent bring us drinks and food. The reception went by fast, lots of music, faces, fun and food. Everybody had a great time, but I was mostly enjoying just seeing Noelle so happy.

Thanks Diane for being such a great date - and to Noelle and Chris, congratulations again!


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