Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If You're Afraid, Then the Terrorists Win...

That's my philosophy - so I just happily booked a flight to Florida to visit my friend Abbey on Labor Day weekend. I'm also headed for Europe in mid-September. All this bullshit that's going on now with heightened security doesn't bother me enough not to fly. But I gotta say - if the terrorists are waging a war to rob us of every convenience associated with air travel that we know and love - they are slowly and painfully winning that war.

Maybe I'm being too liberal - but it drives me crazy the way everything gets banned because of one incident. No more water, eyedrops, lip gloss on planes? It drove me crazy that the "shoe bomber guy" ruined security for the rest of us with his idiotic plan. Now it's liquids. Sigh. I'm all for being careful and heightened security but the first thought in my mind is - "They're just going to find another way" and it's true. And in the meantime, our carry ons are getting lighter and lighter. If there is ever a day when there are no carry ons at all allowed on planes...oy. Hope it doesn't come to that.

A note to Al-Queda: Please please please find something else to do with your time. The next time you get on a plane, instead of trying to blow it up, see where it lands. Wherever it ends up, I guarantee that they will have cocktails, chicks and fun on the other end.


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