Monday, July 24, 2006

Foxwoods (yes, more gambling)

I should just call this blog "Jen's Chip Count" because half of the postings I do are about gambling. Between poker games and trips to AC this year - I have been quite the degenerate gambler. Now a week ago, I went up to Foxwoods for the day, and I didn't have a chance to post about it due to catalog strain here at work. But the readers of the blog wanted to know, "Where is the post on Foxwoods?" So what the people want, the people get! Here it is:

On Saturday (7/15) Kim and I took the new wheels on a long drive up 95 to Foxwoods, CT. And damn its far. Forgot how far it was until I was in the sixties exits, thinking I was getting close, and then talked to Drapo on the phone and found out it was exit 92. After some traffic and slow idiots on the side roads, we finally made it.

And it was worth it. Foxwoods is massive, a lot like a Vegas casino. There's tons of guest rooms, lots of casino, and pretty much a whole mall inside. Drapo was waiting for us in the Atrium Lounge. We had a drink, then headed to the Hard Rock for lunch.

Side note: I will always stop in a Hard Rock Cafe wherever I am because I have this weird hobby of collecting pilsner and hurricane souvenir glasses from them. I have a whole bunch now, let's see if I can remember: New York (obviously), Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Juan, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Madrid, Barcelona, San Antonio, Atlantic City, and there may be more but I can't remember. Anyway, you get the idea! (I know, I'm a freak).

So after lunch we hit the tables. The day consisted of Craps and blackjack - Drapo and I would play blackjack together and Kim and I would play the craps table together. Here are the highlights:

- Kimble making her gambling debut. I don't know how she's survived in the Stevens family this long without gambling, but it was definetely time to bring her over to the dark side. She learned the game quickly, and made herself quite a bit of money with some good rolls!

- Our stickman (that's what they're called seriously) at the craps table. He was very funny, and kept Kim and I laughing with his sarcastic comments, like when a player tried to change money for chips, but wouldn't put the money down on the table like he was supposed to according to casino rules and the stickman said, "The first step is letting go."

- Drapo being "cavalier" in his blackjack moves. He doesn't play by the rules, he hits when he wants to hit, and stays when he wants to stay.

- The weird Asian guy at our second blackjack table. He kept us cracking up with his victory noises, "Brrrrrr!" (Think pigeons cooing) and calling the young dealer his son whenever he dealt him a winning hand.

- Me telling Drapo whenever he won a hand that I set up for him that he owed me a steak dinner. "A steak dinner for $15?" he said. Ha. See you at Peter Luger's my friend. :-)

- Kim saying she was going to take the casino one way or another -if not in winnings than in drinks. In vodka alone, she cleaned up that night! :-)

Kim and Drapo, thanks for the awesome weekend! Let's do it again soon!


Anonymous drapo said...

1) Thank you for covering first, but eventually getting to the trip ;)

2) Were there readers or just me bugging you for this post?

3:36 PM  
Blogger eli's world said...

Hey, I know this is totally random but I was doing a search on the net for Hard Rock REYKJAVIK Pilsner and your link came up. I work with this lil guy at Childrens Hospital in Madera CA and his grandpa used to get him pilsner glasses from different cities and he had them in his hospital room along with a few others and one of the other children accidentally broke a few of them. So the staff and I all pitched in to try and replace them but some are a little harder to find and was basically wondering if you had any extras that maybe you could sell us? The boys name is Mark Aston, age 12 and is in the Leukemia/ Lymphoma wing. Basically we turn their rooms into like their own bedrooms d3ecorating them with all their items they like to collect or like to see.

Sorry, I know it was probably random to write like this but I thought I'd try.

My email is

Elijah Arias
c/o Dreams N Things

12:33 AM  
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