Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jenn & Beth go country

So I went to visit Beth in Allentown this weekend - always a delight and a pleasure. On these visits we'll sometimes make it a point to try a new bar or restaurant, as was the case with this past weekend.

We ended up going to this bar called "Montana Wild". And boy was it hilarious. It was a country music bar, complete with line dancing, people wearing Stetson and cowboy boots, Western saddle bar stools, and a bonafide mechanical bull, surrounded by a puffy red boxing ring of sorts.

I have to say - as far away as I feel from this type of culture, the evening was quite entertaining. The line dancing is really interesting - singles dancing in the middle, and couples whirling around on the outer circle. All of them new the dances for each song, some of them complicated stepping routines - but everyone looked like they were having fun. I always enjoy watching people who know how to dance - especially from a Western saddle barstool. Then when you get bored with the dancing, you can watch drunk people ride the mechanical bull! They climb on with big smiles, grab on with one hand and raise the other high in the air. They spin and get jerked up and down until the bull is spinning and bucking so fast that they go flying across the ring and into the red puffy wall. Great entertainment for the bar patrons.

Beth and I are in agreement. Next time we're going in our cowboy boots and we're getting there early for a line dancing lesson.


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