Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Visit with Abbey, Max and Asia

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After Texas, I happily boarded a plane bound for Tampa, FL. I was going to visit Abbey and Max and new baby Asia for a quick weekend. They were good enough to pick me up from the airport, and I have to say - I barely spent a dime or lifted a finger the whole time I was in Florida.

Abbey and Max have a beautiful split level home in Zephyrhills, Florida, about a half an hour from Tampa. They've got a nice backyard for the dogs, and lots of room for themselves, baby and guests like me.

Highlights: Baby Asia. I could barely put her down the whole time I was there. She is a good baby - doesn't cry much, only when she needs something. And even then, she sometimes just fusses.

Seeing Abbey and Max doing so well. I miss having Abbey in NY, but I was happy to see them so settled in FL. There was a harmony within this family that I couldn't really describe, and don't really want to. It just made me really happy to see and feel.

Shopping! Abbey and I always go outlet shopping - our friendship is partially based on it. Max was good enough to drive us to Orlando and we spent all day Saturday shopping. Yay!

Watching Abbey and Max trying to keep the dogs apart. They have two pit bulls, Shine and Trinity. Trinity was in heat, so every time the two got in the backyard together - you guessed it - doggie porn! Shine couldn't always make it happen and Trinity would shake him off. I told Abbey I knew what Trinity meant - sometimes when things aren't going exactly as they should, you feel like saying, "Dude, just get off me".

Barbecues! Max barbecued for us both nights, and Abbey cooked up rice to go with the meat. I am on meat overload from TX and FL, but it was worth it. I was sorry to leave on Sunday. Max and Abbey drove me to the airport really early in the morning (thanks for that guys!) and saw me off.

Can't wait to go back again.


Blogger Abbey said...

Jen, it was great to have you. Can't wait until you visit us again.
We're definetely going shopping again and hitting those slots at the casino cruise ship.
Love ya, girlie & Miss ya dearly!

9:40 AM  

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