Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ten Reasons to Love Lepanto

Okay all. My friend Matt wanted to know why I didn't have any juicy stories about him up on the blog. To appease him, I'm going to do a Letterman top ten list of all the reasons to love him. Here goes:

10. No matter where you want to go on vacation, he's up for it.

9. He knows everything there is and ever was to know about music.

8. He could audit the hell out of you.

7. He can play Dave Matthews on the guitar.

6. He's got a bunch of nicknames that all orginate in Europe - Lepanto, Pacey, Pastry and Spacey.

5. He can cut the enemy to shreds with his wit.

4. When we go to Florence, he lives it up big time.

3. He gets philosophical (for philosophical read silly) on Friday afternoons. Sounds!

2. When we take road trips and he says he wants to hear Sinatra, it comes on the radio. Seriously.

And the number one reason to love Lepanto:

1. He's the only person I know that can pull off Beaker hair. Meep!

Love ya Matt!


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